Commission Me!

I offer writing commissions and ghost writing services! My specialty is, obviously, erotica, but I’ll write SFW stories for you, as well. If you have OC’s you’d like to see getting it on (or just having a sweet picnic in the park), e-mail me at

*$0.03/word ($15 minimum)
*$15 for 500 words
*$30 for 1,000 words
*$150 for 5,000 words
*$300 for 10,000 words
*+$15 for each additional 1,000 words after that

I will work with you to make sure the story is exactly what you’re looking for. 1/2 payment is due on receipt of the first draft, with the other half due before the final draft is delivered.

Note: I will not write non-fantasy beastiality or sex involving minors.

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